Our private equity strategy is centered around our ability to generate value with a strategic and industrial mindset, providing institutional capital to the right businesses but also providing them with strategic input.

Azora´s long-standing expertise in real assets and energy investing as well as our global asset footprint, puts us in a privileged position to access unique investment opportunities in the European market, supported by CBRE’s role.

Investment Strategy

Geographic Focus


We are focused on targeting European companies, taking advantage of Azora's extensive footprint and asset portfolio in the region.

Investment Theme


The decarbonization of real assets and the built environment in particular, targeting Urban Solutions and Energy Solutions with climate impact.

Investment Criteria


ECS targets growth equity investments across Europe, which typically align with the following criteria.

Investment Criteria

Lower middle-market companies based in Europe that offer decarbonization solutions for real assets across key investment themes: Urban Solutions and Energy Solutions

Operations with durable revenue profiles, ability to scale through technology and visibility into future cash flows

Proven business model and near-term positive EBITDA, no technology or “startup risk”

Blue-chip customer base with industrial and commercial end-users

Strong management teams eager to reinvest in the business, execute against strategic plan, with a clear vision for growth and full alignment on sustainability focused goals (Azora European Climate Solutions, FCR is Art. 9 SFDR)

Ability to unlock significant ROIC generation through tech-enabled scaling, organic growth and inorganic investments

Impact Objectives

Our mission is to assist in the industrialization of climate solutions by providing growth capital to lower middle market businesses that address the decarbonization of real assets and climate change risk

Priority UN SDG Alignment

Affordable and
Clean Energy


Supporting businesses that accelerate the energy transition, expand innovative renewable energy solutions, or upgrade technology to improve the productivity and energy efficiency of real assets.

Sustainable Cities
and Communities


Supporting companies that aim to make cities more sustainable by promoting resilient decarbonization solutions and investing in technologies that make buildings more resilient.



Supporting companies that strengthen the resilience and adaptive capacity of real estate assets to climate-related hazards, supporting profitable solutions that drive demand for effective climate change-related planning and management.

Investment portfolios

Azora European Climate Solutions Fund

Porfolio Companies

We intend to be the leading European private equity vehicle providing growth capital to lower middle market businesses in Europe addressing the decarbonization of real assets with a focus on the built environment and climate change risk.

Target Fund Size (€M)
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Abatable, Inc

mylight 150

Abatable, Inc

mylight 150

Strategic advisor

Azora Investments in Sustainable Agriculture

Portfolio Companies

We seek to invest in businesses that promote Sustainable Agriculture offering innovative climate mitigating or adaptive solutions across the entire value chain. Azora's experience in real assets will provide businesses with key expertise to create value and an opportunity to create transformational change in underserved markets.

Commited Capital (€M)