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Life at Azora

At Azora, our values are realized every day through the people who make up our team. Meet five members of our team to learn more about life at Azora.

Entrepreneurial talent
Results driven

Entrepreneurial talent

Fernando Gómez Fortún
Climate Solutions Investment Team


Javier Nieves
Hospitality Investment Team

Results driven

Alejandra Maas
Senior Living Investment Team


Rodrigo Contreras
Logistic Investment Team


Ana Pijoan
Human Resources Director
Many voices

Many voices, one Azora

At Azora we let every voice be heard, because we know each member of the team can make a difference. This makes us stronger and allows us to develop a common voice that moves us. Our daily work involves collaborating and sharing, to achieve greater things than we would be able to achieve individually.



We are curious. We share a natural drive to learn and a genuine desire to understand what is not obvious at first sight. This is why, at Azora, we strive to preserve our longstanding pioneering spirit, keep our eyes open and keep our thinking sharp.


Long term thinkers, purposeful doers

Our principles are non-negotiable. With every action we take, we seek to positively impact society. Being upright makes us relevant for our investors and helps us look at the future with confidence. We live by our values, with a sense of duty fulfilled every day, and are proud to work for a company with a purpose.


A place to grow

Azora is the perfect place for constant learning. Through contact with brilliant colleagues, or with businesses and those who invest in them all around the world, our teams are a continuous learning environment, where everyone can contribute. When it comes to growing together, everyone can bring something to the table.


Passionate, dedicated, committed

At Azora, we are truly passionate about what we do. Indeed, we manage not only investments, but we also manage life projects, personal stories, and dreams. We create opportunities, surrounded by people who share our determination.


A team you can trust

For us, great work means beating our investors’ expectations showing them we can be trusted and that they can count on us. As members of a team, we are always ready to lend a hand, and remain accountable for our decisions. Our responsibility is the foundation of our reputation.

Open Positions
Senior Investment Associate - Living

Madrid Office


POSITION: Senior Investment Associate

MISSION: Actively participate/lead in all phases of investment (opportunity identification, investment analysis, financial modeling, materials preparation, due diligence, deal negotiation and closings, etc.).
FUNCTIONS: The selected person will perform the following functions:
- Identification of potential new investment opportunities.
- Analysis and monitoring of market trends
- Preparation of business plans
- Preparation of financial models
- Analysis and preparation of documentation related to proposed investments and preparation of presentations to investors and investment committees.
- Participation in due diligence processes
- Participation in the negotiation of contractual documentation
- Support and coordination in the closing of transactions
- Monitoring of the progress of investments already made
- Participation in the development of new vehicles and strategies.

- 5-7 years previous work experience in investment banking, investment fund, strategic consulting or real estate consulting.
- Experience in the real estate sector
- Degree in Business Administration, Law and Business Administration, Engineering, Architecture or similar.
- Languages: Spanish and advanced English
- Proficiency in Excel and Power Point

- Initiative and proactivity
- Leadership skills
- Numerical and analytical skills
- Commercial and negotiation skills
- Results oriented

Investment Analyst - Senior Living

Madrid Office


MISSION: Assist the team in all phases of Senior Living investment (screening, preliminary analysis, financial modeling, Due Diligence, closing, etc).


FUNCTIONS: The selected person will support the Senior Living investment area and collaborate on investment opportunities in Spain. He/she will mainly perform the following functions:


- Identify trends and potential new investment opportunities
- Valuation of residential opportunities 
- Analysis and monitoring of trends in the different markets
- Elaboration of financial models 
- Preparation of market studies
- Participation in due diligence processes
- Analysis and preparation of documentation on proposed investments and preparation of presentations to Board and Investment Committees
- Analysis and closing of investment opportunities within Senior Living
- Regular monitoring of the progress of investments already made
- Pipeline monitoring
- Origination of opportunities through the team's network of intermediaries
- Participation in the raising of new funds

- 1-2 years previous work experience in investment banking, investment fund/management, strategy consulting or real estate consulting.
- Degree in Business Administration, Law and Business Administration, Engineering or similar.
- Languages: Spanish and advanced English
- Advanced knowledge of the Office package: Excel and Power Point
- Knowledge of modeling




- Analytical skills
- Great capacity for learning and work
- Initiative and proactivity
- Results oriented
- Team work

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