We seize the opportunities presented by market dislocations, leveraging our expertise to identify undervalued assets with exceptional potential. 

By focusing on properties in sought-after locations, we aim to maximize both immediate and long-term value for our investors.

We actively manage our portfolio keeping users’ needs at the center of our decision-making processes. We implement strategic initiatives to optimize performance and enhance the value of each asset.

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Megatrends driving our investments

Retail real estate has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the past five years, despite the global impact of the American mall apocalypse and the pandemic.

Numerous retail categories have successfully overcome these challenges. The best performing retail types are those that cater to communities. They achieve this either by integrating retail with leisure in open-air mixed-use complexes, where people gather to work, shop, or live, or by providing neighborhood offerings.

Several key trends have driven these changes. Firstly, increased remote working has shifted retail demand from city centers to suburban settings. Secondly, de-globalization has led to a surge in demand for local offerings, particularly in the leisure and restaurant sectors. Lastly, inflationary pressures have heightened the demand for essential goods and services, such as food and necessities.

Manuel Martín Partner
Manuel Martín

Investment Portfolios

US Retail

22 assets
c. 376,453
sq. ft.
GAV ($M)

Azora Exan currently manages 22 retail properties. The strategy for this asset class is to acquire single tenant properties and shopping centers in great locations to take advantage of the dislocations of the market.

Nightclub in Madrid

1,304 sqm
GAV ($M)

Commercial space located in a prime area of Madrid, leased on a long-term basis for use in a nightlife business after its total repositioning by Azora.

Leisure Center

21.000 sqm

Leisure center located in the outskirts of Madrid, leased by various well-recognized entertainment companies and food chains. The center has a leasable area of 21.000 sqm and an occupation of 95%. The center will undergo repositioning works to transform it into the best alternative for families in the area of influence.